Stronger. Smarter. HEALTHIER.

The Healthtender wants to shake up your bad bartender habits.


Your body is taking a beating.

The service industry in all its forms is rewarding and challenging, but can also be extremely detrimental: physically, emotionally, and mentally. The daily wear and tear we experience behind the stick and on the floor, from long hours on our feet, to late night meals or no nourishment at all, can have a painfully lasting impact on our bodies, minds, and overall wellness. The Healthtender (veteran bartender Amie Ward) is committed to providing business owners and those on the frontlines of hospitality with the tools necessary to care for their minds and bodies, providing long-term protection from the rigors of our industry to ensure we can deliver the highest degree of hospitality to those who matter most -- our guests.


The Healthtender has a commitment to helping you and your staff improve in a holistic way -- whether its better planning for family meal, team workouts, or assessing the offerings on your menu to help your guests, we are here to craft a plan that best suits your goals and your budget. Check out some of the things we do below!

Let The Healthtender craft a unique movement experience for your bar staff, guild, or team to get them mobile!

  • Water aerobics, stretching, strength training, meditation, hiking—let’s get creative and have fun!

  • Designed to promote core strength for the bartender body

  • Class sizes up to 75 people


As an ACE-certified Health Coach, The Healthtender can safely and effectively guide you and your team to healthy, long-term changes.

  • Request a comprehensive fitness, nutrition, and behavioral assessment

  • Receive short or long-term coaching to achieve personal health and wellness goals

  • Solo and group training sessions available


The Healthtender offers in-depth education on nutrition and how it can be incorporated into the bartender lifestyle.

  • Hold a crash course on the basic components of nutrition

  • Navigate meal prepping with a group cooking class

  • Strategize healthy snacking practices for your bar team


Why be content living in discomfort? The Healthtender offers courses on stretching for pain management, self-massage, and kinesiology taping.

  • Relieve the pain associated with postural imbalances and repetitive motion injuries

  • Increase circulation, provide support, and promote healing

  • All participants receive a massage instrument and kinesiotape to take home


How can you care for your guests if you cannot care for yourself? The Healthtender is engaging the difficult conversations on mental health and self-care in our industry.

  • Let’s destigmatize mental health together!

  • Review risk factors in our industry

  • Discuss self-care strategies

  • Discover mental health and wellness resources in your city


At the end of the day, The Healthtender is still a highly skilled and talented bartender. Let us plan and execute your next spirited event!

  • Cocktail classes, workshops, or parties

  • Fresh ingredients, sustainable practices, and expert craftspersonship


Who is the healthtender?

Amie Ward is a bartender and a ACE Certified Health Coach with a B.S. and M.A. in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland College Park. She has been outspoken on health and wellness in the service industry, traveling across the United States to educate bartenders on how to care for themselves, and teaching free movement classes for the global bartending community. A decorated bartender and health advocate, she has received nods from Tales of the Cocktail, The United State Bartenders Guild, Baltimore Magazine, and Baltimore Style (a full press page is coming soon). Amie is known for her love of Italian spirits and sustainable bartending methodologies, and conducts educational seminars for guests and bartenders on the topics. In her spare time, you can find Amie climbing ropes with her fellow Spartan racers, pulling trucks and competing in Strongwoman competitions, or skating in your local parks.

drop a line, not the weights.


the rundown

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The Healthtender is splitting her time between the Mid-Atlantic and Chicago markets, but as always: need Healthtender, will travel.